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Everything Turns Out Just Fine

etojf coverHaving lovingly crafted ten short stories in which the protagonists come to a sticky end, it seemed like time for a change.

My new anthology is called Everything Turns Out Just Fine. And it has its own website.

You can go straight there. Or read on…

It is fully written. Finished, done, complete, published, on sale.

To fund the first print-run, I set up a project on Kickstarter. You can find it here.

For those who don’t know Kickstarter…

It’s a website that allows creators (such as authors) to announce a project (such as a book’s print-run) for which they would like to raise funds. Anyone can pledge any amount of money. The project needs to have a funding deadline and a funding target. If it doesn’t reach the target by the deadline, no money changes hands.

But if the target is met, the pledges are collected, Kickstarter takes its very reasonable cut of 5% and the money is passed on to the project creator.

It’s too late to contribute via Kickstarter now – the funding period finished in 2013 and reached 103% of its target.

So – what was in it for the people pledging money to my project? All projects offer rewards for different pledge levels. For example, I was offering ebook or paperback copies of the new work. Or, for those who wish to pledge a little more, there was the opportunity to name a character or even pick a situation.

However, just because you can’t pledge money through Kickstarter, that doesn’t mean you can’t order a copy of the new book. Contact me if you’d like more information. Or click through to the book’s own website to find out more.

All the sensible stuff about the project is still on the Kickstarter page – as is the following video. I thought I’d put it here for your enjoyment. It’s a collection of out-takes from my Kickstarter video. Enjoy…

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